Social Justice Warrior

Adv. Nathanael Siljeur is an advocate of the High Court who specializes in human rights and child law, he will be posting regular blogs on this site:

“My blog will focus on social justice issues affecting our country, communities, neighbors and our lives. I hope that the blog will inspire and stipulate action regarding the understanding, engagement and collaboration on social justice matters.

According to Wikipedia social justice is “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within society.”

I will concentrate in my blog on topical social justice issues highlighted in the local media, but also issues affecting our communities that are seldom raised. I will focus in particular on matters regarding the economic rights and basic human dignity of individuals. These might include topics such as unemployment, poverty, matters affecting the child and matters affecting gender and racism.

My first blog will deal with the practice in Worcester where blue collar workers have been issued with identification cards in certain communities.”

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